Get Accredited

Raise the bar to your competition
Why get accredited?

Accreditation lets you raise the bar to your competition.

There could be many photographers in your area. Becoming an ACCREDITED High-Volume Professional Photographer
can make you stand out from – and above – your competitors, and provide real peace-of-mind to the schools, leagues,
groups or organizations that will hire you!

Become the FIRST, and maybe the ONLY Accredited Volume Imaging Professional in your area!

  • Get the recognition you deserve as the local high-volume photographer customers can trust.
  • Demonstrate you have the training AND experience to do the job RIGHT!
  • Demonstrate your commitment to Child Safety with our Background Check program.
  • Demonstrate you have the RESOURCES and the STAFF to take on the BIG jobs.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to first-class quality, value, and customer service.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to continuing professional education.
  • Even “Newbie” High Volume Photographers benefit thru VIP Membership and Educational programs leading to VIP Accreditation once eligibility qualifiers are met.

Not sure you qualify as a Volume Imaging Professional?  We can help!   Whether it is our extensive education system or a simple checklist of systems and services, we have it all for you.  The key is to know what to do in order to serve customers in the very best way in a volume setting.  We can help you learn thru a course of study individualized just for you.

Accreditation Benefits – You get all this!

  • Recognition as an ACCREDITED High Volume Photography Professional.  The best of the best!
  • Officially Licensed use of the V.I.P. Accreditation logo and name in your market-area.
  • Beautiful 11×14″ Certificate of Accreditation, suitable for framing.
  • Reference Letter attesting that you are among the “Best of the Best.”
  • Recognition at our Annual Meeting
“To receive more information about becoming an Accredited Volume Imaging Professional, check the box on your Membership Application and we’ll be in touch with you.”