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Who we are

What is Volume Imaging Professionals™

The Volume Imaging Professionals™ Trade Group (or VIP™ for short) is dedicated to helping its Members grow their mass-market photography business based on best business practices, technical expertise, unyielding commitment to customer service and by subscribing to the highest levels of professional standards and ethics. We represent Photographers who take on challenging, volume-based, mass-market assignments of all types – done primarily on location.  These include, but are certainly not limited to:

School Photographers

For K-11 Public, Private & Charter Schools

Sports Photographers

Youth League & Scholastic Teams & Individuals

Senior Photographers

For High School & College Contract Senior Portrait Programs

Early Childhood Photographers

For Childcare Centers and Preschools

Specialty Photographers

For Dance, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Cheer, ROTC, etc.

Mass-Market Event Coverage

Includes Action Sports. Can feature on-site printing.

Family Portrait Promotions

Church & Membership Directories & Fundraisers

Yearbooks and Event Books

Includes Photography, Sales & Publication

Many others!

Niche and specialty markets as well!

Upcoming Workshops & Webinars

New Events are added periodically. All Events listed are subject to change. Some Webinars are recorded for later playback if you are not able to attend the LIVE broadcast. Most on-site LIVE programming requires an additional fee.
Access to intensive, specialized education.

Become a Member and get all these benefits!

Learn from some of the best instructors in the business. These are highly experienced professionals with proven track records inside the industry. Best of all, we take as much time as necessary to cover the educational content in detail, with workshop handouts and technical notes so you can follow along and keep for later reference. Many learners find this teaching approach more conducive to not only understanding the concepts better, but being able to apply them better in real-life photography situations.
Access to intensive, specialized education.

Education You Need – On Your Schedule

We offer multi-day Boot Camps featuring intensive, hands-on learning opportunities with LIVE photo demos, single-day “Road-Show” Workshops, single & multi-hour webinar programming with LIVE Q&A and video recorded & streamed mini-lessons on a wide variety of topics. Develop your own skills or those of your Staff members. Need to know about something not in the published curricula? Let us know!  If there’s common interest among enough Members, we’ll create a class on that specific topic.
Why get accredited?

Accreditation lets you raise the bar to your competition.

It’s unfortunate that today almost anyone who has a DSLR camera can call themselves a “Pro,” open a business and try to compete with you.  Your Membership in VIP™ and by taking advantage of the continuing educational opportunities it provides you with can help build your skills and demonstrate your professionalism to your business prospects.  Include the VIP™ Member Logo proudly on your business cards and proposals.

But why not take the next step to differentiate yourself from local competition?  Become an ACCREDITED Volume Imaging Photographer; only from VIP™.  Get recognition for the professionalism you bring to the Community and the industry.  VIP™’s Accreditation Program recognizes high-volume photographers who have proven their professionalism, ethical conduct and dedication to performance within the standards and best practices of the industry.

Photographers with a proven and exemplary track record in business for over five years may immediately qualify for Accreditation status if application standards are met.  Photographers with less experience must complete a course of study including demonstrated work proficiency.  An Individualized Educational Plan will be developed between the Candidate and the Accreditation Advisor based on the previous experience of the Candidate and the type(s) of high-volume photography you want to be Accredited for. For more information about Accreditation, 

More benefits

Get Important Information you won’t get anywhere else!

Stay in the know

Public Relations and Advocacy for our Legal and Business Interests.

Buying group

Save Money with our Buying Group!

As our Membership grows, we’ll have increased buying power. We’ll negotiate special arrangements with vendors who supply our industry for discount deals on the products you need. Volume buying power often means better deals or special offers to SAVE YOU MONEY! We’ll also be looking into Group programs on Business Insurance, Medical, Dental and Disability Insurance, and much more.
Pay it forward

Want to get involved? Want to “pay it forward” to help others?

We need dedicated Volunteers who are committed to help others and help grow our Industry. There are many ways you can help out, regardless of your experience level, and some of these efforts come with unexpected “perks” you might appreciate.  We promise we won’t ask you for much of your time, and you can help out on your schedule.  Here are just some of the ways you can help out.

  • Serve on a Committee for VIP™
  • Teach a class on your specialty.
  • Share your Training Manuals or marketing collateral.
  • Present through one of our Webinars.
  • Allow us to use your facility as a workshop location.
  • Provide mentoring to an out-of-state “newbie”
  • Help organize and run meetings.
  • Be a VIP™ Ambassador on Facebook & Social Media
  • Coordinate Vendor Relationships
  • Volunteer design or printing services
  • Coordinate Social Activities at VIP™ Events
  • Other talents to share? Let us know!             

Inspired to help out?  Please let us know on your Membership Application.

Become a Member of Volume Imaging Professionals™

Invest in helping VIP bring you the many benefits we’ve outlined here including Advanced Education, Advocacy for our Industry, Accreditation to stand above competition, get keen insider information about issues that affect you and much, much more. Your individual monthly membership costs less than what most of us charge for a picture package, yet you’ll get so much value in return. Remember, you can cancel at any time so sign up and become a Member today!

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